About Don Short LPC, LMFT

I have been a licensed Professional Counselor(LPC) since July of 2003 and am also a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist(LMFT).

My wife and I have been foster parents to special needs children for over 25 years serving about over 35 children during that time. We have fostered children withADHD, Autism, developmental disabilities, behavior disorders, mental health disorders and a variety of other family challenges.  I have helped many clients work through complex family issues and assisted them in developing solutions to their problems.

I have a general practice with a focus on clients with marriage, relationship and family issues. I am a member of theAmerican Association of Christian Counselors. I am also a marriage counselor and use my 40 plus years of being married to one wife, professional training, and my deep understanding of people and relationships to help couples create a rewarding relationship and family life.

I have been a resident of the Lafayette area for over 30 years. My wife and I have four grown children, one, which is adopted, and two grandchildren.



"This man saved not only our marriage but ourselves also. Mr. Short has a wealth of knowledge and a way of making you feel so comfortable you don't have that stress and worry of being judged. We walked in a broken couple and walked out in love again. Choose to be happy and that's what he stresses. He was able to do one on one sessions to help us each heal from past things we didn't even realize affected us. The EMDR therapy I did was incredible and I was shocked at how well my hurt became just memories. As a child horrible things happened to me but Mr. Short has given me the tools to look at that wound and let it heal and let it just be a memory. His advice from our marriage to our kids to our everyday life has changed us forever. We are forever grateful God allowed him in our world to guide us. Give him a try and I know he will not disappoint. He's a gentle soul with a heart of gold and passion for what he does. We love him for continuing to encourage and help us move forward. I hadn't looked and really looked in my husband’s eyes in a long time. They are beautiful and I am so in happy I was given that chance before it was too late. Fix yourselves and fix your marriage. I promise Don can help!" ~ CW in Lafayette

"We started seeing Mr. Short for marital issues and ended up learning more about ourselves than we ever could have imagined. He’s so compassionate and loves What he does and that’s helping people to their fullest potential I did EMDR Therapy and it was amazing Things I’ve carried around for years I now have learned to let go of We went in broken and scared for a divorce and we came out falling in love all over There’s not enough space to tell just how great he is. His advice is invaluable AMAZING!" ~ BW in Lafayette 


"Don has been a blessing to me and my family. I will continue to recommend family and friends to Don. He's a great listener, mediator and a wealth of ideas." ~ ST in Opelousas

"I have seen many psychologists and therapists throughout my many years living with Bipolar and PTSD. Mr. Short was the ONLY one, from Acadia Parish to E. Baton Rouge Parish, who was able to not only help me, but continue to maintain stability in my life." ~ MT in Youngsville

"Mr. Don is a great marriage counselor. He's not pushy and you don't feel pressured to go like many other counselors do. I would definitely recommend him to anyone that is having problems in their marriage. Even if you aren't having problems, he's a great person to listen to anything you need to talk about." ~ LB in Lafayette